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LM FIXATIONS offers its expertise in the supply of fasteners, screws and bolts in the aerospace industry. Its product range also meets the needs of the most demanding manufacturing industries such as defence systems, automobile and the nuclear sectors.

Established in 2010, in the Paris region, LM FIXATIONS supplies aerospace businesses in France and overseas.

Compliance with EN 9120 and ISO 9001

Quality, reliability and security are core values for the aerospace industry. To meet these requirements and ensure the best standard of service, LM FIXATIONS has EN 9120 and ISO 9001 certification

12,000 certified aerospace products in the catalogue

LM FIXATIONS offers a wide range of industrial fasteners, screws and bolts, that meet French, European and international standards. LM FIXATIONS offers a catalogue of products in multiple materials: steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium etc.

Fasteners made to order

LM FIXATIONS can manufacture your industrial fasteners to order based on your specifications. We have a robust selection and approval process when working with partners, close and regular collaboration with the biggest manufacturers and strict, regular monitoring of their performance.

Fasteners for the aerospace industry

LM FIXATIONSis the specialist in the distribution of fasteners, screws and bolts in the aerospace industry.  

Avion dans le ciel fournisseur aéronautique en visserie, boulonnerie et éléments de fixation


LM FIXATIONS a specialist in aerospace screws for civil and commercial aviation

satellite LM FIXATIONS fournisseur aéronautique spatial et militaire


LM FIXATIONS is a renowned supplier of screws and bolts for the space industry

tank militaire LM FIXATIONS fournisseur aéronautique secteur militaire


LM FIXATIONS is an expert in industrial fasteners for the defence industry


  • LM FIXATIONS : certified quality for the aerospace industries
    • Regular checks, implementation and monitoring of the effectiveness of ISO 9001 and EN 9120 quality management measures.

    • Robust selection and approval process for fastener, screw and bolt suppliers.

    • On request, provision of material certificates, reports of dimensional checks, mechanical characteristics, surface treatment certificates etc.

  • LM FIXATIONS : prices guaranteed
    • LM FIXATIONS is committed to offering you the best prices across our range thanks to the strong partnerships we have established with our manufacturers of aerospace fasteners, screws and bolts: Pop, Dzus, Southco, Simmonds, Alcoa, etc.
    • LM FIXATIONS handles a wide range of technical products, enabling you to reduce the number of suppliers of aerospace fasteners, screws, bolts and tools you use in order to streamline your procurement process and reduce your supply costs.
  • LM FIXATIONS : deadlines met
    • LM FIXATIONS meets your deadlines and secures your supplies: The company's quality assurance policy applies to general logistics, stock management and the delivery process.
    • The commitment of the whole LM FIXATIONS team, along with its flexibility and responsiveness guarantee you solutions that are tailored to your needs and constraints and delivered in good time


A few figures




socket head cap screws /a year


6 lobe screws /a year