LM FIXATIONS manufactures parts to measure in accordance with your specifications up to a run of over 10,000 units.


Screws for the aerospace department: specifc parts made to measure

LM FIXATIONS offers you specific products according to your requirements and based on plans:

  • Materials: all types of Stainless steel and Steel, Bronze, Titanium, Inconel, Aluminium etc.
  • Surface treatments: Cadmium plating, galvanising, nickel-plating, zinc nickel, Geomet 500A / Geomet 500B / phosphating, passivated materials, oxidation SS48, silver plating, tinning, oxidation MoS2
  • Standards: ISO 9001, EN 9120
  • Quantities from 50 units
  • Manufactured in our partner factories (with aerospace certification EN9100)

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information aerospace fasteners made to measure.

To find out about our aerospace screws, go to the dedicated page.

LM FIXATIONS fabrique sur mesure vos demandes en élément de fixation aéronautique

Are you looking for a specific brand of screw for the aerospace department?

Speak to our experts.  We offer over 50 well-known fastener brands.


  • LM FIXATIONS : certified quality for the aerospace industries
    • Regular checks, implementation and monitoring of the effectiveness of ISO 9001 and EN 9120 quality management measures.

    • Robust selection and approval process for fastener, screw and bolt suppliers.

    • On request, provision of material certificates, reports of dimensional checks, mechanical characteristics, surface treatment certificates etc.

  • LM FIXATIONS : prices guaranteed
    • LM FIXATIONS is committed to offering you the best prices across our range thanks to the strong partnerships we have established with our manufacturers of aerospace fasteners, screws and bolts: Pop, Dzus, Southco, Simmonds, Alcoa, etc.
    • LM FIXATIONS handles a wide range of technical products, enabling you to reduce the number of suppliers of aerospace fasteners, screws, bolts and tools you use in order to streamline your procurement process and reduce your supply costs.
  • LM FIXATIONS : deadlines met
    • LM FIXATIONS meets your deadlines and secures your supplies: The company's quality assurance policy applies to general logistics, stock management and the delivery process.
    • The commitment of the whole LM FIXATIONS team, along with its flexibility and responsiveness guarantee you solutions that are tailored to your needs and constraints and delivered in good time